Our History

A Brief History of Gedling Road Methodist Church.

(This is partly based on the booklet "The Gedlng Road Story 1787 - 1976" by Albert Bryan).

Methodism gained an early hold in Carlton following John Wesley's preaching during his visits to Nottingham in the eighteenth century. In 1903, a group of local Methodists took a step in faith and a Church was built on the present site. This Church also had Meeting Rooms and rooms for the flourishing Sunday School.
However, in 1958, the Trustees took a further step in faith and the present Church was built. The original church building was retained and used as a hall for our organisations and for letting out to the local community.
In the same way that our predecessors took their steps in faith, we need to provide for the future of the Church to bear witness and serve the local community. In 2003, we were approached by the NHS Health Centre adjacent to us which led, after discussions, to them purchasing most of the old buildings and some land for incorporation into their rebuiling plans.
This has given us a wonderful opportunity to redevelop our site so as to provide adequate buildings and facilities for the Church and local community for the next period of years.
In July 2008 Building work began to re-develop the site and use the space we have more effectively. The first service back will be 14th December 2008 and a celebration/dedication weekend is planned
28th February - 1st March 2009